Френски дизайнер и производител на мебели за 60 години


Respect is one of Gautier's founding principles and it's at the heart of what we do. Respect for the men and women who work at Gautier, respect for our production methods and respect for the planet. And, of course, respect for you—our customers.

One big family looking out for each other

We make sure we offer all our employees a safe, healthy work environment with a family atmosphere. We are proud of our 750-strong #GautierTeam. We all respect each other, help new employees find their feet and share our expertise and values with each other.

"My brothers, sisters and I are committed to carrying on the work started by our father and our uncle, Patrice Gautier, and imparting their values to the 750 staff who work with us."
David Soulard, Managing Director

Respect that flows from our workshops into your home

We extend the same high level of respect to you—our customers—as we do our employees. We're working hard to produce furniture that's kinder to your health; for example, we use water-based lacquers and low-solvent glues that exceed the highest standards expected within the industry. We want your children to sleep in healthy bedrooms and you to sleep well at night. We listen to what you want and take your feedback on board, so we can meet your expectations now and in the future.

Respecting nature like you do

We want our business to be as environmentally friendly as possible, so every little detail counts. From eco-managed forests (less than 300 km from our factories) and eco-designed furniture to streamlined shipping and waste reduction, we make the environment a priority and we're proud of it.

Proud of supporting our local area

We like to say everybody knows everybody at Gautier, and it's true! Our story is inextricably linked to our area, the Vendée, and its people.

Our love and respect for the area have led to us supporting the local economy and residents by using local suppliers wherever possible, creating the Académie Gautier Cholet Basket and becoming the official furniture partner of the Vendée Globe. We like to play an active role in our region and we're proud of it!

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